Auschwitz Birkenau Tour

Full day tour from Warsaw to Auschwitz

The concentration camp in Auschwitz was established by Nazis on the outskirts of the town Oswiecim in 1940. After the war, the camp was turned into museum displaying evidence of the genocide. Block no. 11, known as the Death Block, was where people were murdered also at the “Wall of Death”. Outside the camp, there is a gas chamber, where 70, 000 people were killed in 1940-1943. In 1941, 3 kilometres from Oswiecim, in the former village of Brzezinka, the Nazis established a new camp called Auschwitz II Birkenau. In 1942-1945, approx. 1. 5 million people lived and died here. Most of them (90%) were Jews, others were Poles, Gypsies, Russians and prisoners from 28 countries of Europe, people of all nationalities and political and religious persuasions. Since 1944, transports of prisoners from all over the continent entered directly through the “Gate of Death”. In 1979, Auschwitz – Birkenau Concentration Camp was listed a UNESCO World Culture and National Heritage Site.


Tour to Auschwitz is a full day tour from Warsaw by car. You would need to be picked up from your hotel at 5:50 a. m. as we need to start our trip at 6:15 a. m. Of course I will provide transfer from your hotel to Auschwitz. We will arrive to Auschwitz around 10:00 a. m. Once we get to Auschwitz, the tour will include a 15-minute documentary movie serving as an introduction, then a visit to the brick-mortar barracks in Auschwitz I, and the extensive, depressing area of the large wooden the extermination camp at Auschwitz II – Birkenau. The biggest impression is made by the shocking gas chambers, the crematoria, death cells, barbed wire and the creepy, silent watchtowers.


Duration 13 hours- Total amount: 550 Euro (VAN for 1-7 passengers) driving & walking tour