Frederic Chopin Tour

Frederic Chopin is undoubtedly the best known resident of Warsaw. He spent in Warsaw first 20 years of his life. Here he studied music learned the manners of society and gave his first concerts.

“Born a Warsovian, with heart of Pole, and the talent of a citizen of the world” – Cyprian Kamil Norwid

During the Chopin Tour You will explore many places commemorate composer and closely connected with his stay in Warsaw. Palaces and churches where he gave concerts, museum located at Ostrogski Palace with some personal belonging of Chopin, The Church of the Sisters of Visatation, where Chopin played organ as a student, Holy Cross Church where his heart rests.

Next to the church is the Chopin Parlor situated at the Krasiński Palace, where the Chopin Family lived during the years 1827 – 1836/7.In this room Frederic Chopin lived for three years before he left Poland for ever in 1830.

During the visit You can listen to the famous tunes composed by the great and the most outstanding Polish composer .

Duration : 4 hours

Total amount 140 Euro

(VAN for 1-7 passengers) – Driving & Walking Tour