Jewish Warsaw Tour


The Warsaw Ghetto as a prewar Jewish district in Warsaw does not exists.That is true it is still possible to find fragments of Ghetto ,but the essence of this part of the city, the sealed district of Warsaw, is hidden from us by earth, asphalt, the foundations of new buildings, and oblivion.I will  Take You around the city does not exist.

“O earth, do not hide my blood so that my scream does not cease”

I will show You the view of exterminated nation. During this tour You will have an opportunity to see the remnants of Holocaust in Warsaw.A walk around the former Jewish district will be memorable journey to the past. In 1939 in Warsaw lived the second largest population of Jews (after New York) in the world. This fascinating area inhabited by over 360,000  people within almost three years was swept from the earth’s surface.During a five hour tour I will tell you the story of Jewish District. We will find the remains of the Ghetto walls. You will follow the Warsaw’s Path of  Remembrance from the monument of the Ghetto Heroes to the former old railway station, called Umschlagplatz from where from 1942 till 1943 300,000 Jews were sent to the extermination camp in Treblinka. You will learn about the everyday life in the Ghetto, collaboration  with the Poles, resistance against the Nazis and about the Jewish Ghetto Uprising – the first such an attempt in the occupied Europe.We will also walk around the Jewish Cemetery – one of the largest existing Jewish cemeteries in this part of Europe, where I will tell you about the lives of Warsaw Jewish citizens, distinguished, not only for Warsaw. At the end of trip You will visit the Nożyk Synagogue – at present the only one that survived  in Warsaw.


  • Warsaw’s Path of Remembrance—a walk through the heart of what was once the city’s vibrant Jewish community
  • The Nożyk Synagogue – only one that survived World War  II in Warsaw
  • Villa at Warsaw’s ZOO- where the “Zoo Keepers Wife” took place- closed on Saturdays 
  • Jewish cemetery at Okopowa streetthe largest Jewish cemetery in the world in terms of the number of  tombstones 
  • Monument to the Warsaw Ghetto Heroes
  • Grzybowski Square & Prozna Street  – the only one  surviving Jewish street from prewar period 

Duration 5 hours Total amount 150 Euro-(VAN for 1-7 passengers) – Driving & Walking Tour