Warsaw during World War II Tour

History has not spared this part of Europe:Warsaw has more than once been thougt of as invicible city. During this Tour You will find out, that during World War II, about 200, 000 Warsaw’s inhabitans were killed and 85% of the city’s buldings were destroyed. In some areas of city damage was ccomplete-districts of Warsaw including Jewish Distict were levelled, razed to the ground. Cultural losses are impossible to estimate. Burned libraries & museum collections, destroyed temples and palaces(including Royal Castle).

During that tour You will explore place where public executions were carried out, places of battle during Warsaw Uprising and places of torments Polish people during Second World War like Mausoleum of Struggle & Martydom, Pawiak Prison Museum, Warsaw Uprising Museum, Warsaw Insurgents Cemetery, Tomb of Unknown Soldier, Warsaw Insurgents Monument, PASTA building, Little Insurgent Monument, Ghetto Heros Monument.

Duration : 4 hours Total amount 125 Euro (VAN for 1-7 passengers) driving & walking tour