Warsaw – not only for the soul but also for the body

Today Warsaw boasts a big variety of all kinds of coffee-shops and restaurants. Meals from all over the world may be tried in thousands of eateries, spread all over the city.

Besides many Tex-Mex, Chinese, Japanese and Italian restaurants we can observe nowdays, the renaissance of the restaurants offering typical Polish cuisine. Since polish borders have changed many times throughout history of Poland the Polish cuisine is being often flavoured from neighbouring countries.

Among the restaurants specializing in typical Polish cuisine blent with culinary tradition I would recommend only a few of them: “AleGloria” Restaurant located in very heart of the city, at Three Crosses Square, that shows Polish cuisine in a new dimension, Podwale Kompania Piwna, on Podwale street near the Old Town.

Typical polish dishes recommended by myself:

  • Barszcz-red betroot soup served with kołduny (little noodles)
  • Pierogi- typical Polish dumplins served with meat or with mushrooms and cabbage
  • Duck stuffed with apples-typical Polish speciality
  • Bigos-(hunter’s stew)- made from meat,cabbage and sauerkraut

So indulge Yourselves in typical Polish dishes served in traditional style and experience the Polish hospitality…