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Licence & References

I have been working as a licensed tour guide since 2010 freelancing for different travel agencies and individual tourists.

Since January 2014 tour guides and tour leaders have no longer been among the regulated professions in Poland which means that they are no required to hold licences. However, I started my professional life as a tour guide in 2010 so I hold my old license. What is important, some museums award special licences to local guides interested in entering these venues with individuals or groups. Below You may find a list where I am allowed to guide my tours in Warsaw & Poland:

  • Royal Castle Warsaw – certificate
  • Chopin Museum in Warsaw – certificate
  • Żelazowa Wola Frideric Chopin’s birth place – certificate
  • Treblinka Extermination Camp
  • The National Museum Warsaw – certificate
  • State Museum at Majdanek Lublin (Majdanek Concentration & Extermination Camp) – certificate
  • Polin Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw – certificate 
  • Stutthof Museum former Nazi German Concentration Camp – certificate  
  • All cities area in Poland excluding Museums like Wawel Castle in Cracow etc.